Monigraf Locations

Monigraf Italy 1973

Established Monigraf S.r.l. in Torino, Italy. Home Office for World Wide Design, Manufacturing, Sales and Service

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Monigraf China 2001

Established Monigraf, Ltd. In Beijing China. Manufacturing, Sales and Service for the Chinese Market.

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Monigraf Inc.2009

Established Monigraf, Inc. In Woodridge Illinois; Sales, Spare Parts and Service for North America

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Monigraf proudly introduces MDS-II , the latest advancement in Remote Ink Control Technology.

This is an individual sliding ink key system offering true Digital ink control, with “on-board” encoders and RISC microprocessors at each ink key, positional accuracy of 0.00001″ (10x greater than our closest competitor) is achieved.  The fast and highly accurate key movement ensures Reduced Make-Ready Time and Waste.   Additional savings can be achieved using the “Job Save” feature or “CIP-3 ink preset functions” with Monigraf’s optional PreMDS software.


MDS-II – Remote Ink Control System -Encoder based ink key positioning provides both the finest resolution and highest ink key positional accuracy possible. On-board encoders and RISC microprocessors combine to drive, regulate and continuously monitor the operation of each individual ink key. MDS–II utilizes the latest in computer technologies incorporating RAID-1 hard drive mirroring to ensure system integrity and job recovery. Set-up and operation have been simplified via the incorporation of an industrial grade touchscreen operator interface.

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